While researching the Web for the photos for these pages, I
found so many excellent ones that it was impossible to put them
all on one page.  It was difficult just trying to choose among them.
Here are some additional photographs taken
by Dick Hutchinson.

A beautiful curtain aurora, reflected in
the dark waters of the Yukon River.
A frozen landscape lit by the aurora 


The comet Hale-Bopp appears beyond
a breathtaking draped aurora.

Arctic winter  'Sunrise':
The following is not an aurora picture... It is a vivid demonstration of the
shortness of the Arctic day in midwinter, shown by time-lapse photography.

To give equal time to Alaska's long summer days,
here's a graphic illustration of the 'Midnight Sunset',
in the photographer's own words:
"Midnight sun. Taken from Eagle Summit north of Fairbanks, Alaska
on June 20th through 21st, 1998. Exposures 20 minutes apart."

Midnight Sun photo courtesy of Bill Hutchinson.
Bill has a very cool web site, with outstanding
photos of astronomical objects, wildlife,
and Alaskan landmarks and scenery.

If you enjoyed these images, please visit
Dick Hutchinson's home page.
Besides being beautiful, his photos
are organized in an easy-to-download
format, along with humorous and
informative descriptions of how and
where he took them.

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