We folks in the Northern Hemisphere are not the only
ones able to view the aurora.  On November 24, 2001,
a geomagnetic outburst allowed people Down Under
to take some excellent photographs of the Aurora

Here is just a sampling.......

The above photos were taken by Darren Osborne,
of Canberra, Australia.  Here is how he
described that evening to Spaceweather.com:
"My wife and I were driving home at 11.30 pm when she
noticed something unusual from the passenger seat. We pulled off to the
side of the road and there was the most
amazing sight -- auroras over Australia."
Photo Details: Minolta SLR,  Kodak 400 ASA film,
exposure time 20-30 seconds.
Mr. Osborne has a web site of his own that features some
beautiful sky and space photography.  You may visit
it here.


Ian Cooper of New Zealand also saw the Southern Lights
that evening. Here are some of his photos:


More of Mr. Cooper's camera artistry may be found at
The Phoenix Astronomical Society web site,
and here.


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