OnOn 1 February 2003, we lost seven of our finest.  I created this page in memory
of the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107.

We -- who love space, science, and all that is yet to be discovered in the Final Frontier --
honor you.


STS-107 crew members (left to right) David M. Brown,
mission specialist; Rick D. Husband, mission commander;
Laurel B. Clark, mission specialist; Kalpana Chawla, mission
specialist; Michael P. Anderson, mission specialist; William
C. McCool, pilot; and Ilan Ramon, payload specialist.



You soared on the wings of courage, on your so-very-human mission -- questing
knowledge.  We earthbound ones gaze into the heavens, wondering "What is out
there?"  You went there, on our behalf, to find the answers.
We were with you in spirit on your journey.  We are with you now, in
our sorrow.  Thank you, Valiant Ones, for your work on behalf of all humanity.
May Goddess wrap your families in Her loving arms, and soothe their grieving
hearts. May they see your faces in the stars of the heavens, where now you dwell.
We thank you.

A suggestion from the author of this tribute:

Make a contribution, however large or small, to The Space Shuttle Children's Trust.
The fund was set up, at the request of
NASA, in 1986 by Bank of America's Washington, D.C. office
to serve the children of astronauts lost in the Challenger
tragedy. It has expanded its mission to
include the children of Columbia. The seven astronauts paid the ultimate price in trying to

advance our knowledge. Helping take care of their children is one way someone can say 'thank you'.
Following is the address for

those wishing to send a check or money order:

The Space Shuttle Children's Trust Fund
c/o The Private Bank at Bank of America
P.O. Box 34600
Washington, D.C. 20043-4600


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