Dash's Page

Thank you for visiting Dash's web page.  He
is a tiny little green Quaker parrot.  Quakers are
illegal in many states, due to the myth that they
destroy crops and are a nuisance.

Dash has taught me that although he is not the size
of a macaw..... he still has all the regal bearing and
attitude of a much larger bird! And he can bite ya, too!

He talks very well, in his squeaky bath-tub-toy
bird voice. He chats with our other birds, and with
us.  He is just as intelligent and clever as a big parrot.
I hope you enjoy his pictures and his web page.

Dash's pictures, and his words..... I am but his slave. :)


This was the guy human slave in my new home. My
former family said that I did not like human males.
My new lady servant told me that her mate didn't like
birds.  Obviously, someone is lying around here!
That sandwich was pretty tasty by the way.... a lot
better than those pellets!


My new guy slave liked to watch the Discovery Channel, but
he seemed to get bored quickly, and fall asleep.   I really wanted to
watch The Man Show, but that lady slave around here has
some idea that it's not appropriate for birds. Something
about bad words, and chicks jumping on trampolines.
I'm puzzled as to why chicks would jump on trampolines,
when they have wings. If I find out, I'll let you know!


This daughter slave is okay. She talks to me and lets me sit on her,
and isn't afraid of my Beak of Death.  I hope she is not fooled
that I really love her or anything.....


Never forget that I am QUAKER!!


When you sleep .... I am watching and waiting..... I am The Raven!!!


My guy slave left one night in 2005, and never came home. My lady
slave said that he went to the Summerlands. All I know is that I missed him a lot,
and for two years I didn't want to come out of my castle and play. Then one
day a new guy slave came over. He was afraid of us birds for a while, then he
got used to us. I mean... afraid? Of what, our beaks?! Ha!! Now I love him like I
loved my former guy slave, and spend evenings watching TV, hanging out, helping
him do "coding" -- I'm not sure what that is, but he sure makes funny sounds
when I run down his arm and peck at his computer. He always gives me tasty stuff to eat,
and laughs at my jokes. Here we are, sharing some frozen yogurt.........



Background music: Free Bird, by Lynryd Skynryd.

I chose this theme song for Dash because I didn't have to pay
a ransom for him. He came here because a nice young woman
saw our parrot web page, and wanted a new home for Dash.
The lyrics say it all....
"If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?"
Thanks, Nadine, for the gift of your beloved Dash birdie.
Dash and I know that you will remember him always.

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This webpage was created by Sue Owens.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, in
creating it.... with a little green guy on my
shoulder.... offering comments and nibbles.