Kids n Birds.......

We've occasionally been asked whether parrots are good pets for children.  A better question might
be:  "Are children good pets for birds?"  After all, they are messy, need a LOT of care and attention,
sometimes bite,  are much more fragile than an adult  dog or cat.... and so are the parrots.  :)

Personally, I do not feel that a large parrot is a good choice for a young child, or for an older
but timid child.  One of the wonderful things about birds is their amazing ability to sense our emotions--
including fear.  Some take great delight in scaring kids and adults who reach out a tentative finger
then pull it away in fear.  A better choice for a bird for a child might be a parakeet or cockatiel.  They
are also a good choice for an adult looking for a  "starter" parrot.  Large birds, like large dogs,
require a firm personality!

That being said, here are some pictures of our human kids relating with our bird kids.....

Phoenix finds the game of "Life" much more
interesting when accompanied by Cheezits.
Harley, suffering from "Phoenix Envy",
comes to join in the game too....
Jackie (age 7) and little friend Cricket (who
left us for the Summerlands, 1995).
Rachel (age 14), and Phoenix....
who is debating whether overall
snaps might be a crunchable item.

Koko gives Jackie (age 13)
a kiss.
Waiting for a bedtime story
from Katie, age 10.

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