Our Mollucan Cockatoo


Tooie came to us in March of 2006. He formerly lived with a foster family. His flight feathers were mere stubs, and he had no tail. He doesn't pluck himself, but he does barber his feathers. He is quite a feisty peach-colored beastie, as you can see from his pictures!


I wonder if that cabinet would be tasty? Let's find out!


This is my beak. Fear it.


Favorite toy -- brown paper bag!


Yes, that is my poop on her leg. You didn't think I'd let her get off scott-free with touching me, did you?


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Ode to My Cockatoo

You came into my life one day,
Flaunting your beautiful fairy feathers.
Each one an eloquent silent word
as you try to tell me things I cannot understand.
Could you be saying "Hey stupid, my water is filthy"?
I love your eyes, so dark and fathomless,
Ancient and wise, circled by dark blue rings,
That match the bruises you gave me.
Gossamer feathers that display your moods,
and hide your beak from the foolish!
O, the gnarled and wrinkled claws,
harkening of your ancestry, and clinging to
my fleeing back – you can jump, I see now.
Woodwork comes and goes, scabs fall off.
But fingers forever remember the softness
of salmon, peach and ivory.

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