The following poems speak the truth of the plight of the unwanted
parrot. They also speak the truth of those courageous and patient enough
to take one under their wing, to offer a forever-home.

The Rescue's Song
 By Judith Archer (

 Will you take me home with you? I can't promise I'll be good.
 No one has taught me how to act or behave as a parrot "should."
 My first owner didn't treat me right, he said that I was "bad."
 He never forgave me that first bite, after that, he was always mad.
 He shoved me back into my cage and so, I started to scream.
 Then he hit me in a rage and my life became a bad dream.

 So now I scream and yes, I bite, I'm angry and misunderstood.
 But, please, please take me home with you. Love me and I'll be good.
 Please let me come home with you and spend some time with me.
 I can be sweet again I know, take me home, you'll see.

 My next owner swore at me, I learned to say things back.
 So now my words are crude and rude.  Please cut me some slack.
 If you let me come home with you I'll learn some nicer speech.
 If you are kind and give me time I'll change my vulgar screech.
 I'm really just a baby and so misunderstood.
 Please let me come home with you I promise I'll be good.

 My next owner just HAD to have me.  She thought I was "way cool."
 But now she doesn't have time for me, she's busy with boys and school.
 That's why I began to pluck.  I'm not pretty any more.
 I won't be much of an ornament if that's what you're looking for.
 I may never grow new feathers, my chest may always be bare.
 But, my soul I know could heal itself if only someone would care.

 My last owner died and left me, she said that she'd made plans.
 But she never followed through on them and I've fallen into bad hands.
 Please overlook my failings, please end this pain and strife.
 Please, please take me home with, you I'll be your friend for life.

 Please, please take me home and treat me right, and let our friendship
 Please let me come home with you, this time it will work, I know.


 Throw-Away Bird.....
   by Joyce

I'm really not a mean bird
Though you seem to think I am
It's just a fear reaction
When I lash out at your hand

For you see some hands have hurt me
Whether meaning to or not
And I do not often understand
The intentions you have got

Just give me time to know you
I need a little space
To know that I am safe and sound
While staying at your place

So far I've been a throwaway
I don't stay in one place long
People just get tired of me
Then pass me on along

If you'll let me stay long enough
I think that you will find
That I may learn to trust you
And leave my past behind

It will not happen overnight
To overcome my fears
I hope that you'll stand by me
And not move me from here

For every time I'm shuffled
My heart grows somewhat cold
I know not who will get me
Or what my future holds
So you see that my reactions
Are not directed right at you
Will you help me overcome them
So I can put my trust in you?



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