~~ Our Aurora Photos March 2010~~


On the night of 10 March 2010, while in Chena Hot Springs,
we were fortunate enough to have a dazzling auroral display.
Here are some of our photos.
Camera: Rebel EOS XS. f3.5 30-60 second exposures.
Time: 0630 UTC (11 March). Outside Temp.: -11F / -24C


The storm begins with a whisper:


As the hopeful gather below, the ribbons brighten:


The Lights are so bright they shine through an approaching cloud bank:



The curtains ripple and twist, the viewers gasp in awe, and the show dies to an arc over the mountains:


ice carving

Ice Alaska 2010

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Music: The Cloud -- Star Trek, the Motion Picture

All photos property of Rick and Sue Evans. Copyright 2010. Last updated 27 September 2010.

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